Keto PB&J Bites


*1 (16oz) Jar of peanut butter (I prefer Chunky for texture)

*3/4 Cup Hemp Hearts

*2 Tbs Chia Seeds

*17g Unsweetened Freeze Dried Strawberries (Trader Joes 1/2 bag)

*6 Tbs Swerve (split into 2 sections)

*6 Tbs Water


In a bowl mix freeze dried strawberries, chia seeds & water. Pour full jar of peanut butter in a separate bowl. Mix with hemp seeds. Once mixed add 3 Tbs of Swerve to Peanut butter mixture and the other 3 Tbs to the Strawberry mixture. Last mix both bows together and scoop out (small cookie scoop) & roll into balls. No baking necessary Enjoy!!!

1 serving (1 Ball): Cal 108, F 8.85g, C 2.92g, P 4.75g & Fiber 1.7g

**Recipe makes 33 balls

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