Crossfit Journey


My cousin had started doing CrossFit and was pushing my husband and I to try it but it was just too expensive.  My husband and I had a trip to Hawaii planned and wanted to get in shape for it so we bought a groupon and checked out a local box.  Immediately we fell in love with CrossFit.  It was a challenge and pushed me to my limits.  It was the first time I looked forward to working out the next day and didn’t want to miss a day.  The box we were going to had a lot of younger college students.  My husband and I were young professionals with a two year old.  We were just looking for a different scene.  A new box had opened up closer to our home and my husband went to check it out.  Immediately it felt like home.  They had a kids room which made it easy to workout and bring my 2 year old. Two years later we had the opportunity to buy Shield CrossFit and made it our permanent home.

I have always lived an active lifestyle but could never do a pull-up or push-up. I started from banded pull-ups to now being able to string together strict pull-ups. I see the difference in my body and notice the strength I have gained. I enjoy Crossfit so much that I have become a Crossfit coach and have my L1 certificate.


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