What is HIIT? high-intensity interval training. It is very similar to Crossfit but it does not use a barbell. Both use similar movements like, air squats, pushups, burpees, kettlebells, dumbbells etc. If Crossfit scares you then Hiit is a great alternative. Hiit is scalable to any fitness level. It still helps push you to our personal max in short intervals. You work for a short amount of time then get some rest time then work again!

Benefits to Hiit

  • Helps burn more calories in less time
  • The more intervals you add the more fat you loose
  • Helps improve cardiovascular health
  • Improves cholesterol
  • Lowers insulin

I like to change things up and incorporate both Crossfit and Hiit training. If my muscles are really soar from lifting heavy one day then I might do a Hiit class the next day. I would use lighter weight but increase my intensity to get the most of my workout. No matter what constantly moving and staying active will increase your health.  Just find something you enjoy, challenges you and want to do consistently.