What is Keto? is it the same as Atkins? the answer is no.

Atkins is high protein, moderate fat and low carb diet. It emphasizes on diet phases instead of macro nutrient ratios. It also incorporates complex carbohydrates back in. It does not focus on keeping a state of Ketosis so your energy still comes from glycogen.

Keto is a high fat, low carb moderate protein lifestyle. Keto is not a quick fix. You restrict your carb intake to maintain a state of Ketosis. Ketones become your main source of energy. Keto emphasizes on macro nutrient ratios depending on diet goals.  Being in a state of Ketosis does not guarantee fat loss it is only considered a fuel source.

Being at a caloric deficit will help with fat loss and being at a caloric surplus will help with muscle gain.  You have to be very careful with approaching both strategies.  With any diet if you are at a caloric deficit for too long it can mess up your metabolism and work against you.  If you increase your calories too fast your body can see significant weight gain. The best approach is to increase or decrease in small increment so your body hardly notices the change and has time to adjust.

Everyone does Keto differently.  Most start with lazy Keto or dirty Keto and over time evolve to a simpler and cleaner Keto.  We all start on different levels. Those that are coming off the standard american diet or eating fast food everyday would benefit from starting with dirty/lazy Keto. For example if someone is driving through McDonald’s everyday they should start with just eliminating the carbs and sugars.  Get a bun less burger or two and a diet coke but skip the fries. Now eating like this is diffidently not optimal but sometimes people need to start by making small changes rather than drastic ones to stay consistent. I know when I started I had a really hard time eliminating sugar. If I did not have any sweetener options I would not have stuck to the lifestyle. The longer you are on it the more you learn and progress to be healthier. Those who are use to living a Paleo lifestyle will have a much easier transition into Keto.  They are already use to eating cleaner.

If you start Keto here are some tips!

  1. Over Hydrate with electrolytes and sodium. Salt all your food.
  2. Start by slowly eliminating the grains and  sugars.
  3. Take supplements like magnesium and potassium.
  4. Think of green veggies as ways to intake more fat.
  5. Stay away from alcohol for at least 4 weeks if not longer.
  6. Stick to animal fat, butter, olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil. Stay away from vegetable and corn oil that are inflammatory and very processed.
  7. Read labels & ingredients. Most sauces, condiments and dressings have sugar and processed oils.