Keto Journey

I have tried every diet. The one I maintained the longest consisted of low carb, low fat and high protein Paleo ish approach and that totally worked for me until I turned 30. I was able to maintain that from March to the end of September of every year. Once the holidays hit I would eat everything in sight. I have low blood sugar so the little carbs I ate were my life line. I ate 3 meals and 2 to 3 snacks per day. I was the snack QUEEN! I always had snacks in my purse and my car just in case. If I didn’t eat I would get shaky and nauseous. Once I hit 33 the weight just would not come off. My magic number was 123 lbs. Every summer it was my goal to get back to 123 lbs and at 33 I couldn’t. I worked so hard in the gym and was so strict on my eating and I couldn’t get past 127 lbs. I know to most this sounds petty but to me it really messed with me confidence and my head. I thought what if I couldn’t get to 127 next year? and every year that number went up? I am very short so every pound gained was very noticeable. The holidays were coming and I knew I will gain at least 15 lbs. So October of 2017 is when I said I’m ready. I’m going to try Keto. . .

To back track a year my husband really struggled with his nutrition as well. He didn’t have the kind of willpower I had. He had stumbled on the Keto diet while browsing through reddit. He told me about it and immediately thought he was nuts and thought he was going to die of a heart attack. He lost a significant amount of weight doing it but would fall off and on often. He was essentially doing lazy Keto. He would eat out a lot and wasn’t reading labels or ingredients.

I have learned that for someone to try Keto they have to be mentally ready to make the change. It cannot be pressured or they will not stick to it. For that full year my husband constantly tried to convince me to try Keto and I said nope I LOVE MY CARBS TOO MUCH! at that time my carbs were overnight oats for my midmorning snack and a 1/2 cup of rice for lunch and dinner. Other than that it was chicken and steamed veggies. I just didn’t enjoy what I was eating anymore and was not seeing the results so mentally I was ready for the change.

When I started I immediately saw less bloating and saw the scale going down. I got down to 123 lbs in a few months and surpassed that number.  Currently I fluctuate between 118 to 120 lbs which I am comfortable with. At first I did see my energy and strength in the gym go down, but I stuck with it and within a couple months started feeling more energy and started to PR all my lifts.

Keto is not for everyone . . . but you will never know if it is for your until you try it!